Dragon in the details

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A work rhythm has been fairly firmly established. I wrote about that in my last post. My days now have a regularity that goes like this:

Breakfast time contains sketchbook drawings with or without characters from my currently in progress childrens book “How To Draw A Dragon”

Perhaps after eating breakfast I spend a few minutes more reading a poem or working the crossword puzzle with my spouse (we take turns doing 5 or 6 clues) while we finish our coffee. (The poem in the photo below is by Robert Service)

Then I pour another cup of coffee and carry it to the studio. There I look at the work I did last and my project schedule/guide that I described in my last post. I sip my coffee and settle in to work.

By now I’ve done about 10 of the 32 pages but even those, as you can probably see in the photos below, aren’t really finished. Some elements like the text will be the last to be inked and only after all 32 pages have been mostly finished. Similarly I will edit and ink all of the elements of foreshadowing for my poem story after all 32 pages are mostly inked.

As I work I am thinking of the pages both as page spreads and as individual pages.

These pages below have been quickly photographed where they are on my easel for sharing my progress with you here. My set up for photos for book reproductions is another thing entirely- and I’m not at that point yet.

The sharp eyed will probably notice that some changes have been made to my story setting and to my poem text since my last post.

Basically I’m in the early stages of this book project and everything is in flux and there aren’t “for public” images for this project yet.

So instead of anything about this project when I put something on my social media I post about my current art exhibit Odditorium at Burnt Bridge Cellars and about the related items I’ve designed on my Zazzle shop. For example my “Odd mugs” collection.

And my books. I talk about one of the 9 books in my portfolio. Or I talk about one of my 10 books on Storyberries. Or I post a photo of my cat or dog. Or I post nothing at all. Especially as I settle into a project working rhythm I find I’m online less and less. That said I do enjoy finding your kind comments when I check in! And I thank you in advance for them.

Lunch, however, is rarely missed. This week the easiest meals were bean and grain bowls like this photo below and here’s the recipe scheme from my Favorites So Far kitchen sketchbook.


After lunch I head back to the studio for more work on my How To Draw A Dragon book. Generally speaking I get 2 pages finished per day. If I’m lucky I’ll get a start on a 3rd page. But my focus is on maintaining a work rhythm not in a quota of pages. If I have to totally redo a page and thus only get one page done in a day that’s fine! I just keep going! It’s a dance between discipline and the spaciousness of pleasurable play as talked about in this article.

I did take the time this week to go with my spouse to visit a new independent bookstore in our town Birdhouse Books! This was my book haul.

Short stories, poems and short essays give me an intellectual boost without requiring an investment of time like a long novel does. But sometimes a long novel is just the thing to accompany a long creative project. It just depends.

What’s not in question is the fact that time to sit and read each evening is essential to helping me maintain a steady working rhythm.

Hope your week has some good rhythms too! See you next Monday.

12 thoughts on “Dragon in the details

  1. I always marvel at just how productive you are. You always have at least one major project on the go and often several at once. You are seemingly limitless in your creativity and your energy.

    1. Thank you! I’m rather like a songbird who sings when it’s raining and sings when it’s sunny…and doesn’t know how to do anything else. I am very lucky to have this time to just be me. That’s not always been possible. Would it be of any interest if I tried to describe a bit more of my rather heretical approach to projects and time?

      1. Perhaps it would, yes. I have aspirations for when I eventually maybe become an empty nester and will have a bit more free time. Having role models for how to best use that time is certainly useful in feeding the aspiration.

  2. More delights flowing from the Clancy studio! Thanks for sharing the progress. I especially liked how the prescribed tools with which to draw a dragon are strewn across the floor in the living area, implying the freedom to play and create. When I first saw the backdrop for the story it seemed rather formal and pristine, so I liked seeing it ‘messed up’ or in other words, enjoyed. 🙂 I looked at the ‘Coffee for Readers’ cup again. I think it will become part of my collection one of these days! Have a great week, Sue!!!

    1. Lol!! Thank you so much for your comment!! Yes, that pristine backdrop is a story character to be foiled! Lol! It’s a deliberate contrast… 😁
      I’m delighted to hear that you liked the Coffee For Readers!! If it does become part of your collection someday I will be honored and will hope that it brings a smile to your face every time you use it! Thank you! I hope you have a great week too!!

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