kitchen music and sustainable creativity

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I strongly believe in taking care of oneself as a way of sustaining creativity.  Keeping a go-to list of  “things that feed your soul” and regularly using it can help maintain ones artistic battery.  One item on my list, well okay two items, is cooking food and listening to music. So I also strongly believe that music belongs in the kitchen and dining room.  Belongs there loudly.

Luckily I now live in a part of the country where I have friends who both play musical instruments and cook! I also now live in a city that holds music concerts in the park – a park ringed with food carts, restaurants and pubs/breweries – all of them cooking something that smells delicious. Picnics are often brought to these park concerts – baskets full of mouth-watering food and wine or beer.

To celebrate this music-plus-food life I’ve created some tea towels and dinner napkins with a music motif.

Now I’ll give you three guesses as to what I’m happily doing this evening.

Oh, and here are the direct links to information about the above pictured tea towels and napkins:


finished new art

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Finished a new artwork that I’ve titled “Banjo Time”.  It is 18 x 24 x 2 inches and made with my hand dyed handmade papers.  Eventually this artwork as well as others will be in an exhibit arranged by Caplan Art Designs later this year.  But for those who may wonder “how Sue gets her ideas” here are a few sketches I did at a live music event where I had the first wiggling of an idea for “Banjo Time”.  The musicians would start a song sometimes by counting 1, 2, 3…

Mike1616c72 Patti1616c72 Greg1616c72

And here are links to past posts that show my sketching setup that I take with me to live music events – and here’s me working on the new artwork – and that post includes links to pictures of the developing sketch and me making the paper that I ended up using to make “Banjo Time”

Banjo Time by Sue Clancy 24 x 18 x 2 inches mixed media handmade paper collage

Banjo Time by Sue Clancy 24 x 18 x 2 inches mixed media handmade paper collage