Dear Readers exhibit pun

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Since my upcoming fine art exhibit, opening June 7, at Burnt Bridge Cellars is titled “Dear Readers” and contains nested ideas – for the additional pun of it I’ll have some artist books available. So here’s a pic of a few of the books I’ll have at the exhibit.


There’s my Dogs and Cats and a Cookbook I illustrated (with Chef Kim Mahan’s recipes). And yes – there’s a little tiny mini-guide to drawing dogs! How’s that for a visual pun in an art exhibit full of paintings of dogs reading?

There are also cats and food depicted in my artwork… and of course books! So my books relate to my artwork which relates to my books…

Basically I’ve had a lot of fun playing with nested ideas!

BTW the “How to Draw Dogs” mini-guide is only available via the Brooklyn Art Library in New York …. except for the few I’ll have in my exhibit in Vancouver WA. 

A link to my Dear Readers exhibit statement that explains my thinking behind this exhibit is here.

More generally about my artist books here.

And now to get back to work framing and labeling everything…

5 thoughts on “Dear Readers exhibit pun

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping so! No matter what happens I had a whole lot of fun creating all of the artwork! I’d have loved to have done a couple more paintings and artist books – so I’m rolling those ideas over to my next exhibit which is scheduled for Sept. I find most of my exhibits lead to other exhibits 😉

    1. Lol! Diane I don’t know about “celebrity” but you are right – I am excited about this exhibit. I think it’s one of the more storied, more funny and interconnected exhibits I’ve done so far! Thanks for your kind comment!

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