10 thoughts on “Odditerrarium on the winery walls

  1. Very exciting!! Thank you for sharing all the photos from the winery. I’m imaging visitors standing about enjoying the art, chatting about their favorites. Thank you also for sharing “Rant.” These lines in particular speak directly to our times: “the taste in all our mouths is the taste of power / and it is bitter as death.”

    1. Yes! So much of “Rant” relates to our times…especially those lines you quoted. Thank you for seeing that with me!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos too!! ❤

  2. The exhibit looks wonderful in the space. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congrats on your pre and early sales!! The cooperative spirit of the Beat generation definitely transformed America. As you said last week, it’s a shame how powers aside from them focused on the clothes and hair, or how bad situations with factions that were deeply into psychedelic drugs were attributed to the whole of the movement. I suppose it’s that way with any revolution of thought and/or heart that gains political sway. Those that want to control will find a way to discredit different ideas from their own, especially the organized and productive ones, or at least to pull attention elsewhere.
    I’ve signed up for emails with your sketchbook pages, and also signed up for one you recommended with letters on history of current politics. It always helps understanding of the present to look back at movements prior, and is usually fascinating to learn the connections. Thanks!! Have a great week, Sue! 🙂

    1. What a wonderful comment!! Thank you!! You put it so very well “those that want to control will find a way to discredit…or at least pull attention elsewhere”. Perhaps we could begin to view the comments made by a controller with a jaundiced eye? Begin to ask ” who benefits if I believe this negative blanket statement about an entire group of people?”
      Anyway, thanks for subscribing to my emails! I hope you’ll enjoy them too! Thanks again for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate you.

      1. Thanks, Sue! I was always taught to ‘consider the source.’ That bit of wisdom has helped me understand many things and people in life, both intellectually and emotionally. Cheers!

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