Art for the holidays

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I’ve been busy working on fine art commissions which are someone’s holiday gift. So instead of talking about that – below is access to a “Reading All Year” calendar I made, and fun socks and playing cards, bookmarks, puzzles, drink coasters and such…yes, it’s all design play using my own fine art about reading and pets. Art is for making people smile – and I like sharing smiles with fellow book lovers and pet lovers.

Dogs hanging around

A Creative Life, art exhibit, art gallery, fine art


Espresso Spaniel by Sue Clancy

Cappuccino Corgi by Sue Clancy

Cappuccino Corgi by Sue Clancy


Americano Coonhound by Sue Clancy

Here are a few of the dogs hanging around my current exhibit facilitated by Caplan Art Designs at The Daily Cafe In The Pearl