Professional Dogs, a book review by a dog, some cats and Jolabokaflod

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Here’s the dogs this week from my book The Professional Dog. A famous dog reviews my book. Some people asked if I have cat artwork… but first the three dogs…

Below each enlarged portrait there’s the text from the book.

The Poet’s dog is a playful dog.
The Quilter’s dog is a quiet dog.
The Reader’s dog is a reasonable dog.

My friend Liz Gauffreau typed up and shared her dog, Mr. Johnson’s, review of The Professional Dog!!

I just love these photos below…!!

Here’s a closer look at the specific pages being reviewed above by Mr. Johnson. So glad he approved!

All of my recent online talk about dogs prompted several people to ask me if I did artwork with cats. Yes!! Of course!! Here are just a few of my cat themed things on my Zazzle shop sueclancy

This last Thursday was the exhibit opening at the Joseph Gierek Fine Art Gallery. I supported this exhibit from my house too in much the same way as I described last post.

Here’s some of the art I have in the exhibit at Joseph Gierek Fine Art. Look, cats!!

As per the Aurora Gallery request (last post) I have signed some more copies of The Professional Dog and by the time you read this post I will have delivered them to the Gallery. (I’ll update my social media re…)

And now since all of my major art exhibits are done and the requested books delivered I and my family will get ready for Jolabokaflod!!

We customize the Jolabokaflod tradition for ourselves in that we don’t limit the book gifting to just the evening of the 24th. Also we modify the tradition from gifting “new books published this year” and expanding it to include “used books that are new to us”.

We do adhere strictly to the “read new books immediately upon receiving them accompanied by hot chocolate” aspect of Jolabokaflod.

How is this different from the normal Clancy evening read and have hot chocolate habit? Whenever the new books are delivered by mail we open them and start reading! In other words we don’t wait till evening to begin. It’s decadently fun to stop everything in the middle of the day and flop onto the couch with a new book!

So I’ll see you next Monday with more Professional Dog artwork, probably some of my sketchbook pages and some books I’m reading for Jolabokaflod!

Happy Jolabokaflod or whatever holiday you celebrate! May your celebrations be exactly what’s most comfortable for you and yours.

10 thoughts on “Professional Dogs, a book review by a dog, some cats and Jolabokaflod

  1. I was talking to my sister-in-law just today about the fun we’re having with The Professional Dog–and that her grandsons James and Liam will be getting their very own copy for Christmas!

    Jolabokaflod sounds like such a fun family tradition!!

    1. Oh how delightful it is that you and your sister-in-law are enjoying my book… and that your grandsons will be getting copies!!! You made me smile so big!!! Thank you!!
      And yes, Jolabokaflod is such fun… it’s license to buy books and chocolate!!! Wahoo!!! šŸ¤£

    1. So true!! And it’s been fun for me to go ahead and with an open mind read those gifted books that I might not have selected for myself – I’ve discovered that the book giver was totally spot-on, and I do really like the book they gave me!! Then I have a good laugh at myself thinking that in a store i would have been so silly and passed the book-gem by simply because of the title (or whatever). šŸ¤£šŸ“š

  2. How lovely to read a book the moment it arrives! That’s a holiday for sure!!! I love the review by Mr. Johnson. I hope he enjoys his fame as much as we are enjoying your depiction of him and all the other dogs.
    My friends received their copies of ‘The Professional Dog’ and ‘Numpurrs’ and are delighted with both. They live in a sunny climate and have many guests, so I suggested they might leave them out where guests could enjoy paging through while relaxing on vacation. They thought that a grand idea!
    And I finally followed up on my lost Blurb order from several months ago and they immediately did a reprint order for me. So I should get my copy of Odditorium soon… maybe in time for my birthday!! šŸ™‚
    I hope you enjoy your Jolabokaflod celebration!!!! I’m looking forward to some down time with my husband and a relaxed visit with my brother later this week. šŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it is decadently fun to stop all adulting immediately upon the arrival of new books! Lol!
      It delights me that your friends in a sunny climate like my books and will make them available for their guests to enjoy too! That makes my artist heart happy!
      Also happy-making is the news that the issue is resolved and you’ll have your Odditorium copy soon!! šŸ¤—
      Enjoy your down time this week!! I wish you every happiness!

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