The good things of this life

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A fun creative exercise is to list the good things in my life. As the saying goes here’s “a few of my favorite things”. Items on my list are in bold type.

Painting. Basset Hounds. Flowers. I combined these favorites in a mixed media painting titled “The Goods Of This Life”. It’s 8 x 11 inches and was made using ink, color pencil, gouache and collage on board.

Below is a closer look at my painting. This is a new piece in my Odditerrarium series for upcoming exhibit at Caplan Art Designs.

And yes, the orchids are a homage to my adopted Mom (mentioned last post).

Art supplies. I’ve been channeling my inner Julia Child and practicing talking while doing a drawing demonstration for  NIL-TECH. In this video I’m sharing how I get my ideas and start a drawing using watercolor pencils.

The idea for this “Coffee Pup” drawing was inspired by the feeling of enjoying the first sip of good coffee. Coffee is another good thing.

More information about the art supplies seen in this video here-

You can find the rest of this demo here

Fountain pens and poetry and the awareness of caring… 3 more good things.

Family. That’s a really big good thing! A group of us got together to watch a great nephew’s university soccer game! We had such fun seeing each other and cheering for our nephew!

Friends are another really big good thing and cookouts … two more good things that I enjoy. Naturally I had put them in a poem in my artist book Patch La Belle.

Libraries. Oh my goodness libraries are such gifts! Both the public libraries and private libraries you assemble yourself at home are treasures!! We recently visited our local library for the first time since the pandemic began in early 2020. Since the pandemic started we’ve primarily checked out the ebooks. I certainly count ebooks among the good things in life but printed books… oh, it was such a treat to get print books during our recent visit!

One of these days I’ll write more about why libraries and books are so important in my creative life. But not in this post. In case you’re curious, however, about how books relate to my creative life I’ve begun keeping a public list of some of my favorite books that help me in my creativity here:

I never know when a good thing will inspire art – which is why I keep lists in my sketchbook. If you haven’t already signed up to get my email newsletter in which I share my sketchbook pages please do!

I hope your week contains many of the good things in your life…and that you’re able to notice them. See you next Monday.

14 thoughts on “The good things of this life

    1. Oh good!!! Thank you, I’m glad to know you liked my video!! I’m still learning about how to make those.
      It reallycwas so nice to see family! I hope you have a great week too!!

  1. Thank you for reminding us of all the good things in life! I also have returned to the library because reading a paper copy is just so much better than reading it on the ereader. I am reading State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny. Very enjoyable especially since there are many references to the former administration. I couldn’t even tell you what I have on my ereader, and that’s another problem i have with ereader books. I think I need to see the book jacket on my night table to remember what I am reading!

    I love your Bassett Hound. This is one breed I have not yet painted. Have a great week!

    1. The Basset hound breed with all of the wrinkles and droopy eyes, jowls is a fun challenge. How to have a feeling of solid structure of the dogs skeleton while also having all that loose drooping fleshy-ness … this is my 4th or 5th attempt at a Bassett. Will try again soon! Lol!!
      I love Louise Penny’s novels and have been curious about that collaboration with Hilary Clinton!! I’m glad to hear it’s an enjoyable read. I’m the same as you… while I enjoy reading on the ereader what I read doesn’t seem to stick in my mind as much as the physical books I can see on my table…along with my bookmarks and notes. I’m a hands-on kind of reader. Even as a kid I was the sort that got told to quit touching everything 🤣 This hands on thing is true of my art too. While I often work from photos of the pets for my pet portraits- the times I got to meet the pet in person along with getting their photos were the most satisfying for me.

  2. Thank you for the voiceover and starting from the very beginning with a blank surface. Love the Julia Child reference. I watched one of her shows not long ago, and there is such a contrast between her easy-going manner and the celebrity chefs of today. I love the bunnies’ carrot roast and the helpful dragon. He just wants to be included. Have a good creative week!

    1. You’re welcome and I appreciate your comment!!! I too love it that Julia Child was so easy going especially compared to today’s celebrity chefs. I aspire to be like Julia whenever I share. I especially loved the episode where Julia dropped the chicken and said essentially “oh well, happens sometimes and dirt will cook off” 🤣😆
      I’m so glad you liked my poem too!! Thank you!! I hope you have a good creative week too!!! ❤

  3. Focusing on favourite things, the things that bring us joy and make our souls sing, is definitely great therapy. I really like the way you celebrate your favourite things through including them in your art work.

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!