Flamingos enjoying life in the Odditorium

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Frankly, I’m tired. But it’s the I’ve-played-hard good kind of tired. So more pictures and less text in this post and you get a special peek … I’ve been thinking about Kurt Vonnegut’s book If this isn’t nice what is? Here’s an article I enjoyed about this Vonnegut book. Here’s a photo of the book in my library with other Vonnegut titles.

Below is one of the poems I read during breakfast this week in a book called Animal Poems. It’s one of the titles in the Pocket Poetry series by Everyman’s Library. (I love this series! Especially with breakfast!) The poem in the photo is by Wiliam Cowper. I love the last line “The comfort of a reasonable joy.” So I’ve also been thinking how important it is to have regular reasonable enjoyments. I take the phrase “reasonable enjoyments” to mean the simple kind that don’t require lots of money, a travel agent or dressy clothes. Anyway, here’s the poem.

In my last post I talked about the pace of creative life. I’ve still been thinking about the skill of crafting daily rhythms and here’s a link to an inspiring article I read on the topic: https://www.wired.com/story/calendar-tips-post-pandemic-reentry-organization/  Maintaining a daily rhythm has enabled me – to get very tired 🤣 – but also to have nearly everything completely finished two weeks early prior to delivery of all the art and books for my Odditorium exhibit. Being early gives me flexibility to have time to rest as well as to deal with any unexpected issues.

Below are some of my sketchbook pages … and some kitchen gadgets I looked at and thought about as I worked on one of the last paintings for this exhibit.

Here’s a photo my spouse took of me working out how flamingos might carry things.

Below is the finished painting on my easel drying. Below that is a close up of the dry painting. I titled it “Is Not This Nice?” The title fits with my thoughts recently and echos the collage text I found in my falling apart copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It was fun to find text written by Austen that was similar to what Vonnegut said.

Is Not This Nice? By Clancy – acrylic and collage on board

If the background of my painting reminds you of the ocean….we went there recently and seeing the sea lingered in my mind. The Pacific Ocean isn’t far from our house. I find it soothing to visit.

By now my studio is chock full of boxes of framed art ready for exhibit at Burnt Bridge Cellars and Caplan Art Designs. This is part of how I earned my tiredness.

The other way I’ve been earning my tired is that I’ve been working on the exhibit catalog aka a picture book of my Odditorium exhibit. In addition to that I’ve been working on a kid friendly version of my exhibit catalog. Children need fine art in their lives too in my opinion. When I was a kid I would have loved to see a book talking about looking at fine art. That’s why I took the extra steps to make a children’s book version too. I have sent the kid friendly version to Storyberries.com and they have an exciting plan for the book design! Below is a screenshot of a post they did on Instagram about it!

Here’s a special early peek into the Odditorium – at my exhibit book!!! And a link so you can see the whole book!!! Even in the midst of being tired I’m excited!!

One of my reasonable enjoyments this week was my spouse’s homemade biscuits for breakfast. The recipe is in my kitchen sketchbook Favorites So Far and you can see more of it here.

More next Monday about the Odditorium exhibit book and the other fun stuff…after I have a bit of rest. Hope you have a good week full of relaxation and reasonable enjoyments.

28 thoughts on “Flamingos enjoying life in the Odditorium

  1. Lovely, as always. I realized today that I now look forward to Monday lunchbreak in hopes of reading your blog. Mondays are hectic at my job, so this mini-vacation is greatly appreciated!
    Well-earned tiredness, indeed. I’m happy for you that you’ve completed the needed tasks on a timeline that will allow some leisure for finishing touches and/or trouble-shooting the unexpected – although it’s not unexpected exactly if you’ve left time in anticipation of it. So much smoother to do so, I’ve learned. 🙂
    I linked across to your Odditorium book which I’ll add to my collection when I can. Absolutely delightful!! And extra fun since I’ve watched it – via your generous posts – come together and enjoyed the process with you. Is the ‘About the Book’ on blurb similar to your Artist’s Statement for the show?
    I like how you have the photo of working out how Flamingos might carry things. As an artist, I understand how tricky that can be and how important it is to having the piece work out. Your puzzling through it is very ‘magically’ evident in your work. The animals’ postures and ‘human-like’ adaptations become natural and it’s a large part of my delight.
    I purchased your coasters with the bird perched on the rim of a cup of coffee, holding a cup of coffee in its wing-tip ‘hands’ with a book propped under its ‘elbow’. It’s tough enough to draw a bird properly perched, but to then convince me it’s balanced such that it can balance a cup an saucer and tucked-under book if a feat! But it comes across as effortless and ‘right.’ So satisfying.
    That little bird is my companion on my work desk and holds my coffee while it enjoys it’s own. 🙂 I gave one of the set away, have one posted on my inbox as though perching watching the cue of work to be done after coffee, and the rest I’ll keep to replace the one on my work desk when I wear it out with love. 🙂
    I’m excited for you on your upcoming exhibits!! I’ve thought about if I can get down to Vancouver to see it, but I’m not sure I can swing it. If I do, I’ll certainly let you know.

    1. Oh your comment is so delightful !!! It warms my heart!!! Thank you!!! I have done screenshots of your comment so I can save it for rereading!!
      To answer your question: the ‘about the book’ is written in 3rd person and is shorter while combining elements of both my artist statement for the show and my short biography. Inside the book is my full artist statement for the show as it is written in 1st person. The book itself contains my exhibit statement and more of my bio than there is space for in the ‘about the book’ area on Blurb. Does that make sense?
      It pleases me immensely that you understand and appreciate how I’ve worked out the birds-holding-things challenges!!! Did you know that I worked as a biological illustrator for a time? I do draw (pun intended) upon elements of the real world to make my works, well, work. 😉
      I am so very glad you’re enjoying the coasters!!! That makes me smile!!!
      Whether you’re able to see my work in person in Vancouver or not…I’m glad we’re in touch this way! I am honored to hear that my blog gives you a Monday mini-vacation!!! How fun is that!!??
      In your comment you say “As an artist…” – Do you paint? Do you share your work online? Where?
      Thank you again for your wonderful comments!!

      1. Yes, your answer makes sense. Thanks!! 🙂 And I didn’t know – though I can see it in your work – that you were a biological illustrator. What a wonderful experience and background!!
        I do paint. Thanks for asking!! I tend to do collage and paint or sketch, some photography or just collage in recent years. Since I focused on writing novels in 2008, I’ve only done small projects – mostly for The Sketchbook Project. You can see some of my work and many other Sketchbook Project artists we’ve met on Facebook at SnoBoot SketchCats. Here’s a link to one of my books: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=SnoBootSketchCats&set=a.662384960519991 OR Another with more actual sketching: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=SnoBootSketchCats&set=a.434611403297349 ALSO if you have time and inclination, here’s my first project with full explanation of the process of creating it: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.279833424417&type=3 This one was especially fun since it was a retrospective of my life and connected to the highly imaginative film ‘The Yellow Submarine’. I got to see this project again and there are a couple photos of it on the SnoBoots SketchCats FB page posts at the exhibition when our sketchbooks traveled to Seattle from the Brooklyn Art Library where the full collection of Sketchbook Project books are stored and on exhibit. You can look that up online if you’re interested in the project. I hope this wasn’t TMI… but you asked so… LOL. 🙂

        1. Thanks for sharing and including all the links!! I waited till I had time to look before replying. I like the texture you get to your collage work! The yellow submarine was lots of fun!!! Good contrast and line work on everything!!! Glad to know you’re in the Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library too!! What fun!! ❤🥰 Thanks again!!

          1. Thanks so much for checking it out, Sue. I love texture and I’m a technique collector. I get an idea how I want something to look and feel and then keep researching and/or inventing until I learn how to make it so. In most cases my collages are no longer just paper, and when I paint I prep the surface in various ways providing texture or even sculptural elements. My visit back to my artwork – at the prompt of your interest – has made me want to create again. Maybe I will! 🙂 You’ve inspired me again!! Thanks!!

      2. Just remembered, there’s more of my artwork, and especially photography under the tab links on my blog: https://sherijkennedyriverside.wordpress.com/ Under ‘Undeniable Art’ if you click the ‘Cool Artwork Links’ you’ll see one of my collage paint pieces that’s a more ‘serious’ piece. And there’s a link just under it if you want to learn more about it. So fun to be connected and sharing art together!!!

        1. I had noticed the photos on your blog!!! Very nicely composed works!! I just hadn’t realized it was your work!! Way to go!!! And yes, it is such fun to be connected and sharing art!!!

  2. I’m tired just reading about everything you’ve been doing, Sue! It all looks just amazing, and I wish you tons of success with it all. Flamingos with a corkscrew…what fun! I have some of those vintage birds in my apartment and am always drawn to them in art, as well.

      1. No, I haven’t yet! My flamingos are dear to me because I remember them as a child at my aunt’s house. When she was older and giving things away, I was lucky to be chosen:) I’ll write about it someday! I also have a rooster collection, some vintage and some not.

        1. I’m keen to see your post about your flamingos and roosters!!! So glad your aunt chose you to gift them to!! Re roosters: I’ve only done one painting with a rooster. It was titled “Poultry Reading” and was of a rooster reading his poetry to a flock of hens. 😉
          I will look forward to your post whenever it happens!

  3. You are always so immensely busy that I am surprised you don’t complain of being tired more often. I absolutely love this painting. There is something about flamingoes that is just so endearing. I think it may be because the are both bold and elegant and also a bit goofy. I am also a wine drinker so I appreciate that element of the painting too.

    You will have to tell Judy that that is twice now that I have seen the photo of her biscuits and my stomach has rumbled. I think I am going to have to find time to make biscuits at the weekend.

    1. Lol!! I showed your comment to Judy and she said “won’t take you long to master this recipe!” And I’ll bet that’s the truth! You can bake rice!! I haven’t had luck yet…I know 🤦‍♀️… and you’d given me such good instructions. Ah well. So now you know I’m not good at everything. Can’t edge a lawn neatly either but that’s another story.
      I am so glad you like my flamingoes!! And wine!!!
      Thank you so much for your kind comments!!!

      1. Oh Judy would be amazed by how much I can stuff up baking. I am a very good cook but I cook using instinct whereas baking requires precision. I can, however, bake biscuits.

        1. I’m the same way. I can cook pretty good by instinct (except for baking rice…still learning) but baking is more challenging. Fortunately Judy bakes! Glad you can bake biscuits! Hope you’ll like Judy’s biscuit recipe when you come to it!

    1. You’re so welcome! I’m glad you liked the Cowper poem too!! And yes, “Gambol” is such a good word! Will have to try to work it into a conversation…😉

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