My adopted Mom’s quilt and a searcher

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This week the Aurora Gallery finished framing my adopted Mom’s quilt that I told you about in a prior post. Doesn’t the frame look great? We went right home and hung it in a special place!

Elizabeth Steinbaugh at the Aurora Gallery
Mom Penny Hoke’s quilt on our wall at home

As you see in the photo above – included in the frame is a piece of handmade paper on which I hand wrote Mom’s name and a bit about the quilt.

I also remembered a story related to the quilt theme of “knowing what it is when you pick it up” (details in this post). The story I remembered goes like this: A man holding a lit candle went looking for fire with which to cook his rice. It was a long search. If he had known what fire was or asked some questions when he began searching he could have cooked his rice a lot sooner.

Below is one of my Odditerrarium series paintings for the upcoming exhibit at the Caplan Art Designs Gallery. It’s titled “A Searcher”

This week we went for a browse at Vintage Books an independent bookstore a few miles from where we live. As I browsed I came across the local author shelves and was delighted to see a book I illustrated, “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit”, right there on the shelf where I was browsing! What a fun surprise! It’s available via the bookstore website too!

Below is the book haul we came home with!

Below is a sketchbook drawing I did of two books I’m currently enjoying reading! I’ve added both of these titles to my public books to cheer up by book list here.

I enjoyed seeing this photo of a happy person with their dog with my artwork in the background at Canal District Wines this week and thought you’d enjoy it too. I’m thinking I want to do more art like this … I like the boldness and simplicity.

This project in progress below is a 3d cube 8 inches square that I’m doing for a holiday exhibit at Caplan Art Designs! I’m aiming for the used wooden toy block look – but with a dog theme.

My drawing marathon for NIL-TECH will start on Monday and run for a number of weeks! If you’ve followed my blog you’ve seen me working towards this… and now here it is! Drum roll please! Actually please follow NIL-TECH on their Instagram or Facebook pages so you can see the end results of all the practice you watched me do here on my blog! And thank you for cheering me on! Here’s the link to the 54 piece watercolor pencil set I’ll be using in my marathon. Wish me luck!

I hope your week is pleasant. See you next Monday.

9 thoughts on “My adopted Mom’s quilt and a searcher

  1. The quilt really does look wonderful framed and you would think that spot in your house was designed for it too, it fits in so perfectly. I remember how much I enjoyed your previous cube project so I look forward to seeing this one unfold and, of course, the finished piece when the time comes.

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, that spot in our house is perfect for the quilt and is definitely a central, can’t miss it, location! I’m glad you enjoyed my previous cube project. This one will be a challenge… how to have it look like a well-used toy block and yet not look unfinished or incomplete. I enjoy the cube projects too and am debating with myself about doing more of them…say 4 cubes… next year or not. It’s a question of time and space in which to work. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  2. I absolutely LOVE the framed quilt. What a wonderful keepsake!
    What fun to find your book by surprise on the Local Authors shelf! I’ve had that unexpected pleasure before, and I think it made my month, not just my day. Enjoy the glow!
    Best of luck on your drawing marathon! That’s quite a challenge. I hope you have fun with it and find some new folks to delight with your encouragement and creations.
    Have a great week! <3 πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness!!! It is a wonderful and precious keepsake!! And I’m glad to hear you’ve had the pleasure too of seeing your work on the local author shelves too!! Local indy bookstores are treasures for so many reasons and their support of the local author/artists is just one more reason! And I appreciate the good luck! I hope your week is a very good one too! ❀😊

    1. Thank you so much for your comment about the quilt. I just finished The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and I’m with you and your mother – I loved this book!!

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