Odditerrarium opens this week and other projects

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My Odditerrarium fine art exhibit opens this Thursday Oct 6 from 6 to 8 pm at Caplan Art Designs! It’s been fun to think so much about what dogs and cats might think about! I hope others are amused too.

I’ve enjoyed titling paintings in ways that refer to aspects of mental life. Sometimes, like this painting below, I’ve been rather straightforward. This painting is titled “Intellect”.

Here’s a look at the exhibit in the process of going up on the wall at Caplan Art Designs. The gallery kindly sent me these photos. You can see more about my entire series here on my portfolio and I’m still very proud of the nonsense poem book related to my exhibit! Yes, copies of my book will be available at the Gallery and also available online here – with a full preview of the entire book too.

On another gallery wall there are 3 of my other paintings from other series.

Here’s a kid looking at one of my paintings before it got moved to a different place in the Gallery.

On my email newsletter recently I shared a few of the sketchbook pages where I’d thought, with a pen in hand, about thinking.

Over on NIL-TECH they wrote a really nice thing about my currently in progress drawing marathon…please click here to see it for yourself. It’s so nice! <blushing>


Progress has also been happening steadily on my 3d 8 inch cube that I mentioned in my last post.

Progress too this week on the illustrations I’m doing for a cookbook by Chef Kim Mahan. I propped a spoon on a small bowl so I could draw it properly.

For my fans at Storyberries.com this week I filmed a peek at my illustrated poetry book in progress – just in case any kids wonder how a book like this gets made. Here’s a link…https://www.instagram.com/reel/CjDxgGoJ6jN/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

If you saw the above Reel then you’ll recognize the progress I’ve made in the photos below.

If you’re wondering how I’m managing so many projects at one time: I have 3 work stations in my studio. Each project has it’s own area with an art supply taboret between them with my color palettes and brushes sorted for each project. This way the projects and the supplies I’m using for each one are always ready. I’ll take turns working in short bursts almost daily on each project until they’re finished.

My sketchbooks and the art supplies I use for them are much more portable and roam with me from the coffee pot to the breakfast table or outside to our patio.

And here’s hoping the rest of this week goes smoothly for us all. See you next Monday.

14 thoughts on “Odditerrarium opens this week and other projects

  1. The exhibition looks great! I am sure people are going to enjoy the wit and all the little details in each portrait. I really like the idea of having multiple work stations so you can jump between different projects. You have given me something to aspire to when time and space allows.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments about my exhibit!!! I appreciate it!!! If it helps to flesh out your aspirations list for the future: my studio is one small bedroom in my ranch style house. The 3 work stations are a stand up worktable, a standing easel and a folding table like would be used to hold an electric saw – so it’s taller than a card table. The taboret is central to the three stations. I have the interlocking gym mat flooring covering the wood floors to prevent stains as well as cushioning for standing.
      I’ve had, in times past, large cavernous studio spaces away from my house but learned over time that working somewhere in my house works better for me. ❤ And thanks again for you comment!

      1. Thanks. That is something to work towards for when I am potentially retired and an empty nester. I agree with you that somewhere within the house would work best for me too. My current art space is in the kitchen.

        1. Welcome! For many years I worked on a kitchen table too! In fact a corner of our kitchen breakfast nook is still my preferred place for my sketchbook work – even though there’s only me and my wife and plenty of space. ❤

  2. I read NIL-TECH’s write-up on you–very impressive! The Caplan Arts exhibit is looking really good (particularly a certain Siberian Huskey portrait, ahem). I love the clam dip recipe illustration. I’m all set to dive in with those potato chips–and clam is not high on my list of perferred dips. 😀

    1. Lol!! Thank you for reading NIL-TECH’s write up! It really was a nice thing. And yes!!! Doesn’t a certain Siberian Husky portrait steal the show???!!!! 😊😆😁 Lol!! So glad you liked the recipe!! I’m proud of myself for refraining, while doing my visual research, from eating the whole bag of potato chips!! 😆

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