Odditorium exhibit, lots of books and a sandwich technique

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Last week I took 3 boxes containing all of my Odditorium fineart into Burnt Bridge Cellars where it will be through the end of July. Everything I’ve done over the last year is now in the capable hands of the winery and the Caplan Art Designs art gallery!

My spouse took this photo as I paused with one of the boxes on my way into the back patio door of the winery.

Due to our state’s Covid19 protocols reservations are needed for drinking and eating indoors or outdoors at the winery. Masked people are welcome to drop in to see the fine art and buy bottles or growlers of wines. When not seated masks are required.

Reservations can be made here:

(I see that I have new followers to this blog – welcome! – to catch you up to date more photos and info about this project, the art and access to the artistbooks is here https://sueclancy.com/portfolio/odditorium/)

While not exactly a full art openingΒ  the winery took reservations for a special Friday night dinner: marinated salmon or chicken sate by Class Cooking and of course one could sit and enjoy a variety of wines!! Masks can be removed when seated it’s just when walking about that they’re needed.

Friday night there was live music outside on the winery patio. And you could go inside to see my fineart and artistbooks then you could go outside to hear the music or vice versa.

These photos below are a look at my Odditorium artexhibit on the winery walls before people came (there are more photos here).

Below is a photo of the artist books that are in the basket in the photo above.

And my green dragon bookplates did come in time!! I had hoped in my last post to sign a few of the bookplates for the exhibit in case someone wanted one in one of my books.

Anyway, I was very aware all week that in the best of times and conditions I don’t hear well. Add the masks worn sensibly during a fading pandemic and lip reading isn’t an option either. So I made the decision to stay home even though I could have made a reservation at Burnt Bridge Cellars and spent at least some time at the winery during the first Friday my Odditorium art exhibit was  available.

But I know myself and I know that if I saw someone looking at my art I’d want to pop up from my seat put my mask on and try to talk with them and try to hear what they’d say even knowing it wouldn’t be likely…. so I just chose to not put myself in that situation.

While it was a sensible decision I still had some upset feelings about it. So I worked on remembering this πŸ‘‡

Bookstores and libraries have often been my places of consolation. So my spouse and I went and had our first in-person visit to a local independent bookstore Vintage Books ! We’ve both been buying online from Vintage Books for a year now…but the impulse buying when indiebookstore shopping in person can’t be beat!!

Here’s a selfie I snapped inside the store. At the time we went there were only two other customers and two store employees. We were all spread out throughout the store. It was silent (at least to my perception) except for one of the two store cats who sat up when I neared the shelf where she lay and said “meow”. Vintage Books has both new and used books so the store smelled like book heaven even though my mask. I loved the sights of the colorful book spines and book covers displayed on shelves from floor to ceiling. The staff write handwritten notes about books and I enjoy seeing the various handwriting styles in various places on the shelves. There were multiple spaces where books from different topics/genres had been collected together with staff comments like “if you like the topic in this book then you may like these too” – and that’s a sure way to get me to impulse buy! 🀣

Here’s a photo of my book haul.

Then after we got home I used my usual “how to pick a book” method. I’ve described it in Another Sketchbook and also included it on this coffee mug in my Zazzle shop.


It felt so good to have an extended length of time reading!!

Another soul satisfying restorative was finding that my order from Paperblanks came!!! (https://www.paperblanks.com/en/) Yippee!!! I buy blank books 5 or 6 at a time because it gives me the joyous feeling that I can write with impunity. I can draw with abandon. I can liberally spread the sunshine of my imagination. I can run around with my pen… I can…I can… I can…β€β€β€β€πŸ–‹πŸ–‹πŸ–‹β˜•β˜•β€β€β€β€

So this weekend I immersed myself in my books, I dipped into novels like a diver into a swimming pool. I also swam freely in my new orange poetry sketchbook book (mentioned last post). The orange book was the last unused book from my last order-of-5 books. Whenever I get to the last few books I order more immediately.

Several meals this week were quick sandwiches: cream cheese, various vegetables chopped up and some spring greens on lavash bread rolled up. A rolled sandwich only requires one hand to hold it which leaves the other hand free to hold a book! The Atoria Lavash are some of the best I’ve tasted and they ship directly from the bakery! Anyway here’s a link to the sandwich rolling technique https://www.atoriasfamilybakery.com/wrap-like-a-pro/

While my Odditorium exhibit will run through the end of July in subsequent posts I’m going to turn this blog towards new projects. I’ve already started new fine art that continues this Odditorium theme. The new art will be destined for exhibit in September. There’s also the children’s book version of my Odditorium exhibit book still to be released. So periodically on this blog I will probably return to this theme. But I’ve also got a different project in progress that I also want to share with you…

More about that next Monday. I hope your week is a good one!

19 thoughts on “Odditorium exhibit, lots of books and a sandwich technique

  1. I am so happy for you that you are transitioning out of lockdown mode and things are starting to open up, sensibly and safely. It sounds like the gradual approach to opening up is being handled well where you live. Every member of my household will be fully vaccinated by the end of this month and then we will all feel more comfortable setting off on explorations again.

    1. It is definitely a transition that feels both fast and slow at the same time. My spouse and I are trying to go carefully and be gentle with ourselves. So far we’ve chosen the roads less traveled- meaning the less populated places- to dip our toes into the transition. Today we visited an art supply store that only allows 12 masked people in at a time. We only saw 1 other customer while we were there and 3 store staff. So yes, I think we’re not the only people doing it gradually. And this region has 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated or with at least one vaccine dose.
      Congratulations on having all of yours vaccinated!! Here’s hoping for some enjoyable outings in your near future too!!

  2. I look forward to learning about your new project, as well! What better place to regroup than a used bookstore. And I didn’t know that Louise Penny had co-edited an anthology of mystery stories. Have you read her books??? She is one of my favorite authors:)

    1. Louise Penny is one of my favorites too! I have read several of her books and when I saw that she had co-edited this anthology… well, that went into my shopping basket so fast I’ll bet Louise Penny herself felt a breeze. 😁
      Thank you for your interest in my new project!!! πŸ€—β€ I look forward to sharing!

            1. Even better!!!! I love trying (and failing) to keep up with prolific authors!! Any author I like I wish them good health and a long happy writing life!! The world needs all the good writers (and readers) it can get!!

  3. Impulse buying of books in a bricks-and-mortar bookstore? Life doesn’t get much better than that! I have two of the books in your latest haul: the Best American Mystery Stories. My daughter gets it for me for Christmas every year. I look forward to hearing about your new project!

    1. So true! Life doesn’t get much better that running amuck, wallet wide open, in a brick-and-mortar locally owned bookstore!! It’s a sure fire cure for a soul!
      So glad your daughter gets you a mystery anthology every year!! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift!! I just love this anthology series…what a nice way to sample writers work! I’ve often found new authors this way…have you?

      And thank you, I look forward to sharing my new project with you!!

  4. Congratulations Sue on your wonderful exhibit! I think your next illustrations will have to portray whimsical animals sipping wine!

    I notice several authors that I like in your pile of books. James Patterson is one of them, and Louise Penny now and then…and I have always loved The Little Prince ever since I heard the recording (in French) when I was in primary school.

    Have you read Donna Leon? I love her novels set in Venice.


    1. Thank you so much!!! I love The Little Prince too!! And yes, I adore Donna Leon!! I have read most of her Commisario Brunetti series and just loved them!! I really enjoyed the cookbook Donna Leon did too. Have you seen that??

  5. The exhibit looks magnificent on the walls, Sue! Congratulations!!! I’m sorry you were unable to enjoy the opening evening, but I appreciate your shared approach to dealing with the disappointment – very useful to remember. πŸ™‚ I hope the show brings you many smiles and great success!! <3

    1. Thank you so very much!!! It’s turning out to be a very good thing – better than I’d hoped!! I’m so lucky to have so many kind people in my real life *and* in my social media streams! Thanks for being one of them!!

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!