barrelhouse cover art

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It’s happening!!! I’ve done the cover art for Barrelhouse Magazine Issue 20 and the magazine issue is now available! You can see the cover here  – (and buy your own copy via that link) –  of course when I get my printed copy of the literary magazine with my artwork on it I’ll share about that too… but right now I’m going to go happy dance around my living room!!


angles we have on things: a conversation with clancy published in the salmon creek journal 2018 issue

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Because I’ve been asked to I’m including in this blog post the entire interview with me for the Salmon Creek Journal 2018 issue titled “Angles We Have On Things: A Conversation with Sue Clancy” by Amanda Flynn. I asked permission to post this and it was generously granted. (The people at the Salmon Creek Journal – SCJ – magazine love you!)

Salmon Creek Journal, a literary journal, is a publication of the Washington State University Vancouver and is generally available around campus and a few other places in the Pacific Northwest. (Yes, it’s very like a limited artist book production!) When I mentioned online that this interview coming out I was contacted by fans of my work who live in far-from-the-PNW places, Ireland, England, New Zealand and Australia, asking me to make it accessible to them. So here goes.

Here’s what the printed 9.5 tall x 8.5 wide x .5 inch thick magazine looks like with my coffee cup beside it:


The interview is primarily about “Heroes’ Journey”, a public art piece I did for WSUV at the end of 2017 – and also a conversation about living the creative life.  My artwork is reproduced handsomely in the magazine but since I can I’ll include the digital file of “Heroes’ Journey” here:


And below is a series of photos of pages 94 through 101 that make up the interview.  I’ve photographed the pages rather than re-type the text of the interview because I think the visual layout and the flow of images and text are an intrinsic part of the interview. I’m thinking the photos are large enough that you’ll be able to zoom in and be able to read but in case you prefer to have a pdf file (at a higher resolution) you can freely download that here – SalmonCreekJournalInterview

Pg94n95r72Pgs96n97r72Pg98n99r72Pg100n101r72Amanda Flynn did an excellent job with the interview questions – they were fun questions for me to think about and answer, she was fun and easy to work with – and I’m proud to have been a small part of this magazine issue. I thank her and the current SCJ editor Alex Duffield for permission to post this (and I thank them both, and the SCJ staff, for loving my fans with me!).

Of course the magazine has a lot more to offer than just the stuff about me and my work. I’ve enjoyed a number of the poems, essays and photographs by artists like Cory Blystone, Jehoon Jung, Richard Boneski III and Joseph Colombo and many others. Like an artist book this Salmon Creek Journal issue is more than just a collection of random entries, it builds to whole concept, the form and content are symbiotic, with the magazine becoming an art object in its own right.

I’m hoping that eventually the staff at SCJ will create a digital version of the entire 2018 edition so that you’ll have access to more of the work. They did a digital version of the 2017 issue on their website here – so I have reason to hope. [Update: They have now done the digital version!! You can see it here: ]

Thank you again to Amanda Flynn, Alex Duffield, the SCJ staff and everyone at WSUV for this delightful opportunity! And thank you, my dear fans, for your interest in my work and your desire to see this interview! I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

(Oh, and for additional amusement, here’s the post I did the day back in February that the interview actually happened –







Published in Raven Chronicles – again!

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I just got contacted by the editor of Raven Chronicles magazine – they want to use my art/illustration “Crowseeds” as a front piece for their Food and Culture section in the magazine!  For the next several issues! Wahooo!!!! Happy dancing starts now!

Here is the url for Raven Chronicles all spelled out:

And here is a teeny tiny teaser peek at “Crowseeds” – please see the coming issues of Raven Chronicles for the full love and tenderness:

This illustration by Sue Clancy will be featured in Raven Chronicles as a front piece for the "Food and Culture" section!

This illustration “Crowseeds” by Sue Clancy will be featured in Raven Chronicles magazine as a front piece for the “Food and Culture” section!


illustrating The Tishman Review

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Today the Volume 2 Issue 2 April 2016 issue of The Tishman Review is launched! I have 3 (yes three) illustrations in this issue, but you should see what the other contributors have in it! I’m impressed with many of the poems, short fiction and essays here. Honored to have my art included! You can see it online, get an ebook version or a printed version here:

Here’s a picture of me in my art studio being happy about this:

Photo of me laughing and drinking coffee while working in my studio.

Photo of me laughing and drinking coffee while working in my studio.

published in another mag!

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Just found out that one of my sketchbook pages will be published in the next issue of Meat For Tea magazine! Meat for Tea is another arts and literature magazine. They won the Bookbuilder’s of Boston award this year – so I’m really honored to have my artwork published by them! Here’s their contact info:

They’re publishing a sketchbook page of mine – so that’s a different horse than a “finished’ artwork or illustration! I’m tickled to be finding brave publishers who’ll take a chance with something “different”!