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Recently I’ve been super busy with fine-art exhibits and other illustration projects. But now I’m back to regular work on a new print version of “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit”.  During my work on the pages about Dr. Bob’s S.W.I.F.T. finger therapy I remembered how valuable this concept is when I’m in the middle of an art project.

While a project is not a person all creative projects also have an ugly-duckling stage. A point in which they’re more “mess” than “masterpiece”. A point in which things are happening with the colors and shapes that may not be what I intended or hoped for.

I’ve found the S.W.I.F.T therapy helps me remember to calm down about the mess. If a creative person gets too angst-y about the in-progress project it stops the flow of creativity. Possibly leading to a creative block. Remembering to think of “So What If….” finger therapy helps me relax and to do nothing radical to the in-progress project during my don’t-like-it moment. It enables me to let go, and approach the project later with an open, playful, mind. Perhaps after lunch, perhaps the next day.


Page from “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit” collected and illustrated by Clancy

If you’ve just joined my blog (and thank you for that!) here’s the last post about this project. The last post covers another mental-health technique that relates, in my mind anyway, to living the sustainable creative life.

I began learning these mental-health techniques and applying them to my creative life back in the 1990’s. I’m still creating new artwork daily. Still loving it. Something works.

Hope this book and these posts will help you too. All the best…


8 thoughts on “the so-what art making technique

  1. I love this idea! One of my teens gets very worked up about things that happened at school that actually did not directly impact him, certainly not beyond creating a tense atmosphere or disrupting the lesson, and I sometimes get him to try and slough off the negative feelings he is working through by getting him to reflect on whether or not it actually had direct relevance to him. If not, then he has to let it go. I am now going to teach him this technique.

    1. Oh I am delighted to hear this may be helpful to you!!!! Since you are talking to a teen: I have found that telling (with a straight face) about the option to start their SWIFT therapy session, privately, with a middle finger is good for a teen laugh – and helps them remember it! Lol!

    1. I find the “so-what” technique also works in the kitchen too. For example: I slightly burned breakfast this morning. But it was still edible! So – what… Lol! 😉

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