Perceptions, a poem, art projects and hearing

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My Gallery owner Amy at Caplan Art Designs had the idea to pair photos of the pets that inspired my Odditerrarium series portraits alongside my paintings! I swear I am so grateful to have her expertise! Two heads really are better than one sometimes.

The gallery has started doing posts like this. Isn’t this nice?!

I quickly followed her lead adding additional information such as how, like in this cat portrait, I refer to previous portraits I’ve done of this cat as well as alluding to other things relevant to the life of this cat and human. For all of my portraits I like to include something from the lives of pet and person. In this way my paintings can become a visual story.

As I wrote in my last post my hearing aid in my “good” ear had a problem. We went to the hearing aid repair place in hopes they could repair it while we waited. No luck. They asked me to leave it for a few days to see if another tech wizard could work a miracle. No luck again. So, long story short, when you’re reading this blog on Monday I’ll be at the audiologist getting a new hearing test, an evaluation and recommendations re hearing aids. Please wish me luck in the comments below!

Consequently this week has literally been quiet. I sketched a lot, much of it about perceptions, in my sketchbook as a self comfort. I shared the sketchbook pages in my email newsletter.

I read a lot, mostly Donna Leon mystery novels as I love those! Hearing is no issue when reading a book! Reading books was how I dealt with being a deaf child too! Here’s a picture of hearing-aid-less me in front of my books to cheer up by shelves (details here)

Luckily since I’m self employed hearing isn’t much of an issue really. My spouse and I now have either have a conversation or we do things, like cooking, we can’t do both at the same time as we did before. But that’s given both of us more attention to the conversations themselves and that’s been enjoyable!

I’ve also focused on my work and in the quiet I’ve made major progress on the cookbook I’m illustrating for Chef Kim Mahan of Class Cooking! I’m planning/hoping that will be available in early November in time to be a gift book for the holidays.

Here’s one part of the illustrated poetry book for children that I’ve been working on for Storyberries. Progress here!

Progress has been happening on my 3d box project too. As I worked on this side of the box cube I remembered to take photos of my stages of work! Aren’t you proud I remembered?! This box is being painted in acrylic so it will be durable enough to be in a kids room, handled, sat on etc.

One of my friends, Becky Ross Michael who writes a wonderful blog Platform No. 4, asked me last week if I had ever done an artist book about my hearing experiences. I have!! I will rummage around for it and take photos or do a video of it for sharing here next week.

See you next Monday!

22 thoughts on “Perceptions, a poem, art projects and hearing

  1. I very much hope that your hearing aid saga is now concluded. I am sorry it has taken so long to resolve but I admire your chipper attitude towards this experience.

    I have been enjoying seeing the real animals alongside your portraits. The likenesses are very strong but the paintings are very much your style. That’s very cool to see.

    1. Thank you so much! The hearing aid saga will continue for a while as the new aids won’t arrive until 3 weeks from now and then there’ll be several weeks of adjustment. Since I can’t do anything to hurry the process I can at least make the time pass more pleasantly by having the best attitude I can have. I don’t diminish in any way the difficulties and concerns, I do what I can re, but keeping my emotional responses “within actionable bounds” helps things go more smoothly I find. A good attitude helps most everything. 🤷‍♀️

      I’m glad you’re enjoying seeing the photos of the pets and my portraits! I so appreciate your comment!!!

  2. People must be having a great time at the Odditerarium exhibit! Caplan Art Designs has really gone all out. I hope your hearing aid replacement goes smoothly. Have a creative week!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I found the book I had made in 2003 about my hearing experiences then and am working up nerve to shoot a video with sound that I cannot hear!! 🤪 Stay tuned there *will* be a video !!! 😊🤗

        1. I’ve done a video of it now and put it on my YouTube channel!! Will take some still photos and share it all on my upcoming Monday post. Hope you’ll enjoy seeing it 🤞and thank you again for asking about it!!

          1. Found it, Sue! I loved seeing your journal-style book and hearing you tell about that time in your life. This is such a great example of how creative work, family, and friends can help us stay grounded, especially during difficult times.

            1. Thank you for finding it!! So true what you say about how creativity, family and friends help in hard times!!! I’m arranging the still photos of this book to hopefully show exactly that….🤞❤ Thanks again for asking me if I’d done a book about hearing!!

  3. I missed out on wishing you well yesterday, Sue, but I hope everything went well with your appointment and that hearing aid is on the way! I love how many beautiful, fun and interesting things you’ve done and created recently. I’m happy you have enjoyed the more dedicated conversation time too!
    That cookbook is turning out so fun! I’m sure you’ll share the link to purchase it when it’s completed for the author/cook? …Assuming it will be for public sale, of course. If not, then we’ll just enjoy the fun pages as they fill your posts for a time.
    I think the pet photos paired with your paintings is a wonderful thing! And I absolutely love the 3D box, especially the fact it is so sturdy and could be sat upon by children. They can interact with the block and the artwork images in a unique way.
    Take care, my friend! Sending you a big, “Hello!!” <3

    1. I will happily accept your well wishes right now!! And I thank you heartily for them!! Yes, hearing tests are done, hearing aids have been ordered and now we wait three weeks until the new aids get here. After the aids get here there will be several weeks of getting them calibrated and adjusted. So I’ve buckled in for the long haul! 🤪
      Yes, the cookbook is going to be available publicly!! The Chef just got her first copy and is very pleased (whew!) so we’re in the process of releasing it! You can see the webpage I literally just finished here and the link to order copies to be mailed is now live and ready!! I, however am tired tonight and will actually the public about later. You’re getting the early scoop and are welcome to use/share as is your pleasure. 😉
      I’m so glad you like the pet photo and painting pairing!! And that you like the 3D block too!!!
      Thank you so much for your comment!! Just the lift I needed!! ❤

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