Alphapets Too: Q, R, S and T

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This weeks work on Alphapets Too my sequel to Alphapets by Clancy at the request of my fans and Storyberries – the publisher/distribution house I’ve been working with! (See my last post for details)

The Alphapets Too pet portrait project this week is brought to you by the letters Q, R, S and T. Here’s my abecedarian poem to go with these letters and artwork :

Quinn qualifies for the fun race

Rico really likes outer space

Sailor stares right at the thumb

Toodles tries bites of the plum

Here’s the artwork (somewhere on each piece is an alphabetical letter):

I did portraits of a turtle, butterfly, goldfish and an iguana.

While I was rereading Aesop I was also thinking about possible characters for the letter Q. So Quinn is a turtle who is a foot race enthusiast.

My portrait of Rico was inspired by the expression “the butterfly effect” which, roughly, is about how we are not alone in this world and our actions, however small, affects others. Also in my mind as I painted was the idea that we are literally made of stardust, that chemically humans are no different than the rest of the natural world. We are all interrelated.

While I was reading inspirational quotes and etc spirit-lifters I read, again, this quote from Albert Einstein “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing itself to be stupid”. So here’s Sailor whose name reflects his true abilities.

Long ago on a planet far far away (or so it seems now) I worked as a biological illustrator. One of the many animals I shared an office with was an iguana. Often I would bring food scraps from home to share with my animal office mates. The iguana seemed particularly happy when I brought fruit. So Toodles is portrayed as enjoying a plum and possibly plotting to get more.

Like my first series “Alphapets” this artwork, too, is created with ink, gouache and color pencil. I do these portraits on board, size 3.5 x 2.5 inches. The original art will be framed…eventually … and be a miniature art exhibit at the Aurora Gallery.

I will also be making an artist book titled Alphapets Too – in a format like “Alphapets by Clancy”. You can see print and ebook versions of “Alphapets” by clicking here.

And when I get it all done “Alphapets Too” will be available on (Btw: there are two different stories by me currently on search the site by my name)

You can follow my progress during the week on my Instagram pages and see the details of my creative process here in my Monday blog posts.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement as I work on this project!

Alphapets published and starting Alphapets Too

A Creative Life, Abecedarian, Alphapets, Alphapets Too, Ambassador for Small Frames, animals in art, art exhibit, art gallery, Art Licensing, art techniques, Art Word Combinations, artist book, artistic inspirations, author illustrator, books, ebook, pet portraits, poetry, printed books, visual story, words and pictures

Last week my book Alphapets by Clancy came out in print and ebook forms. Quickly it was picked up by Storyberries and has over 6000 views as of this writing! Storyberries has already asked me for a sequel! Details below! First here are a few photos of pages inside the printed Alphapets book.

Here’s one of the delightful pictures I was sent by a grownup to show me how much my book was enjoyed! I love seeing the smiles!! That’s why I do this work – smiles like this!!!

As I finished Alphapets several people following my project asked me if I would please start the alphabet again because it was such fun. Some also asked if I would include house pets besides cats and dogs in my next book. I replied yes to both questions! These questions, and the discussions with Storyberries got me excited and an idea for Alphapets Too began to form!

So right away I began work. My first task was to think about what I and other people enjoyed most about Alphapets: the “hidden” letters, the colors/clothes on the pets and the silly rhymes. I, personally, enjoyed the audiobook version created! I’m having fun thinking of poetry as pictures with sound now! Here’s a link and the photo below shows where to click for the audio:

To begin Alphapets Too my working process is roughly like this: Here I am looking online for a list of common pets other than cats and dogs. I came up with more than 26! I didn’t realize there were so many “common” house pets that aren’t cats or dogs! And, yes, my studio laptop assistant is helping!

In this photo below, I am writing notes on a pad with my fountain pen. These are very loose notes, I’m just playing. (My studio laptop assistant had another project to work on and so isn’t in the photo.) I’m sitting near a lot of books about writing – and several dictionaries – just in case. 😉

This week I’ll varnish the original Alphapets artwork and hopefully deliver all 26 pieces to the Aurora Gallery for framing in prep for upcoming fine art exhibits. Doing this makes studio space for Alphapets Too production work – and, of course makes my gallery happy!

I’m also hoping this week, after gathering more house pet data, to work more on the poem for Alphapets Too and possibly begin the new artwork. I’m often optimistic about what I can get done within a day – life happens – so it’s possible I may not get new Alphapets Too artwork started. We’ll see. As is my usual in the midst of life happening I will work in short bursts daily and longer snatches of time when possible.

My thought is to do Alphapets Too in the serialized way I did Alphapets: posting on my Instagram my artwork (along with other art projects also in progress) as I get them done and then next Monday posting a summary of Alphapets Too progress here on my blog. Here on my blog I can describe more of my thought process than I do on Instagram. Anyway, we’ll see what I get done…

Posting here on my blog once a week seems manageable. Hope to see you next Monday! Thanks for riding this fun ride again with me!!

Oh, and here’s the link for print and ebooks of Alphapets by Clancy. You can catch up by following the trail of the creation of Alphapets here.