Emotions, exhibits, drawings and books

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My exhibit “For You By Sue the ABC’s: Art, Books, Cards” opened at the Aurora Gallery. It was my first art event since my adopted Mom passed so it was hard in many ways. But I spent time talking with my spouse and being in touch with family and friends so that helped. I didn’t attend my art opening in person because I’m still being careful re Covid and, frankly, I didn’t want to cry in public. Even so I heard nice comments via social media from people who saw my exhibit during the opening and took the time to tell me they enjoyed it. It’s safe to say quite a wide spectrum of my emotions were covered.

Which made me glad that I’d spent time reading Marcus Aurelius recently. Over on A.M. Sketching I thought, as I sketched, about a quote from Marcus Aurelius – regarding not needing to always have opinions and the practice of letting opinions float by as they will. I find this is true of my emotions too – they come and go if I just let them alone. So, it helped this weekend to just let my emotions come and go without forming an opinion about how I felt. Not forming opinions about my emotions helped me to sustain both my creativity and my ability to do the business end, so to speak, of living a creative life during a personally difficult time.

This last week I made an effort towards my new drawing tutorial gig via Nil-tech. I did a demo of drawing “Hedgehog in Shade“.

It’s a beginning… here’s a link if you’d like to see my very short tutorial effort.

Here’s a book I’m reading and enjoying. I find the main character’s way of cheerfully adapting to difficult circumstances very refreshing.

I’m going to read and rest some more. Thank you for reading and for your kind comments. See you next Monday.

10 thoughts on “Emotions, exhibits, drawings and books

  1. Marcus Aurelius was a smart chap. I am not one to dole out unsolicited advice but whenever friends have actually asked me for guidance in how to proceed from a challenging life event, one of the first things I tell them is to give themselves permission to feel whatever it is they feel. We should allow our minds and bodies to process our authentic emotional responses without the need to label those thoughts and feelings let alone analyse them.

    Congratulations on another successful exhibition!

    1. Exactly!! I don’t wish to be in the business of advice giving either. Even though I’ve used the concept of “permission to feel whatever I feel” many times before in my life I’ve found it comforting to reread and review that advice lately. Thanks for your congratulations about my exhibit! I really am proud of it – having it (and other projects) to do has really helped me get through my adopted Mom’s illness and subsequent passing. Thank you again for your friendship!

  2. I’ve heard good things about A Gentleman in Moscow. Would you recommend it? Congratulations on your latest gallery show! Aurora did a wonderful job of setting up the exhibit. It’s appealing and seems to invite exploration. It also feels dynamic (from the photos, anyway!)

    1. I would highly recommend A Gentleman in Moscow! Reading it feels like immersion in a lively meditative poem or song about the human spirit’s ability to deal with difficulties and remain fully alive, hopeful, retaining a spark of joy. If you read it I will be interested in your thoughts.
      Thank you for your congrats!! Yes, the Gallery really did an excellent job of displaying my work! Several different people who visited my exhibit in person contacted me to say that it reminded them of the intricacies of: one person said “a model train in a whimsical town layout” another said “it’s like an elaborate dollhouse” still another person said “it’s like a mental maze or literary labyrinth”. You can imagine my delight with their descriptions!! Just exactly the effect I was after!!!!
      Thank you again for your comment!!

        1. I just finished A Gentleman in Moscow- and wow! Just. Wow.
          It is worth a place of honor in your book list. I so hope you’ll enjoy it! ❤📚🤗

    1. I love paper dolls too!! The Aurora Gallery has the paper dolls as high quality printed postcards that could be mailed – but I had them printed so that they’re also suitable for framing. The Gallery also has my original artwork for the paper dolls already framed. Additionally, for the extra fun of it, there are versions of these same paper dolls as postcards on my Zazzle shop
      Does that answer your question?

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