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Here, below, are some new sketchbook pages – I’m still thinking towards publishing a version of my sketchbook. I’ve been encouraged to do this by friends who’ve looked at my book, as well as by my followers on social media – thank you all!!! Now without much further typing:

Art studio supervisor Hawkeye carefully examines my cat drawings.
The drawing under examination.
Art studio supervisor Rusty reacts to the phrase “eating…”

the sacred stew dance

A Creative Life, animals in art, artistic inspirations, Books In Art, Dogs in Art, drinks in art, food in art, kitchen art, magic realism, Narrative Art, reading in art, story, visual story

It’s finally gotten to be “soup and stew” weather here in the Pacific Northwest! When I was making a stew the other day I realized I was twirling, aka dancing, in the kitchen; popping quickly between the stove, the counter where I was chopping veg, the pantry and the refrigerator. I was so excited about making a stew that I’d forgotten my cardinal rule of getting all the ingredients out before starting.

Ah well.

The experience inspired this artwork I’ve titled “The Sacred Dance Of The Stew-pot”.


Sacred Dance Of The Stew-pot – by Clancy – 8 x 10 inch – ink and gouache on board

I created the artwork using my fountain pen and gouache on board – after I’d finished eating of course.

The stew turned out okay. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever made. But for the first stew of the season I’ll give it marks for effort.


from the books of Bob

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“Lighting someone else’s candle won’t make yours any less bright” – Dr. Bob Hoke

Being artistically inspired is not a once-and-done thing: I always need fresh inspirations, a new sense of awe, a new way of looking at something. It’s like buying groceries and cooking; the fridge and pantry always need restocking, new recipe ideas are necessary to prevent the cooking-eating-doldrums. I’ve decided that a “beginners mind” is an essential ingredient of my artistic life and often this takes the form of “how do I share this, how do I let it go?”.   Having to put my thoughts into clear words is often inspiring in itself, having other people respond enthusiastically is icing on that cake. I’ve also learned that creativity is a renewable resource – and it’s something I can both have and share.

Here below is a story on this topic that Dr. Bob Hoke told me.


This story is in my ebook “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit” – The above text is from a new book effort I’m working on titled “The Artist and the Psychiatrist”.