Clancy art exhibit opening

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Last night was my exhibit opening at Burnt Bridge Cellars – – and what fun we had! Here are a few photos:

The exhibit will run through July during winery hours – and more of my dog art can be seen at Caplan Art Designs

And the printed art book that relates to this exhibit is here:

art delivered installed and here is a sneak peek.

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Here’s a sneak preview of my exhibit at Burnt Bridge Cellars¬†that I’ve titled “Dogs in the Winery”! We’d just finished installing it. The “we” being me, Kim and Judy. (Kim and Judy are seen on the video talking and waiting for me to quit filming. ūüėČ

This coming Friday evening¬†my exhibit opens and people will come,¬†the wine will be poured, the food will be¬†served, I’ll sign copies of my book “Dogs by Sue Clancy”…¬†and we’ll all relax and¬†enjoy ourselves!   

Labrador dog art in the winery

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As you know from other posts I’m getting ready for a one-person fine art exhibit to open June 2nd at Burnt Bridge Cellars¬† For this art exhibit I’ve been meditating, you might say, on how important it is to¬†practice enjoying¬†ordinary life. When I have a glass of wine I’m reminded to breathe, taste and savor everything – not just the wine.¬† I chose a Labrador dog as my “character” actor in my art (pictured) because a Labrador’s restrained-alert-excitement reflects how I feel while tasting some wines.

Here’s one of my artworks for the show:


Lad by Clancy – 30 x 22 inches – sumi ink on handmade paper

On my website page¬† you can find a link to¬†a sketchbook titled “Glad to Be Alive Sketchbook – drinks and music edition¬†2017”¬†¬†where you can¬†download, for free,¬†my sketches¬†that inspired this work.

You can also see some greeting cards with this image – and others – here

riding the PR train

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Kurt Vonnegut once said “Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted” and I’ve taken those words to heart. I even have Vonnegut’s statement pinned to the wall above my art studio work table. I believe that my creative out-put is not about me. Art-making is not some self-indulgent ego-trip on my part. It’s about the kind of world we are creating together; me and all my¬†friends, pre-friends and strangers. We are all in this together.

Which is why, even after all these years of being a professional artist, I still have mixed feelings¬†when I see PR stuff with my name prominently as the “featured artist”. ¬†On the one hand a one-person fine art exhibit is a culmination of at least a years worth of daily work on my part – so I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Yet at the same time I’m very aware that while it may be my name on the marquee, so to speak, ¬†there’s a whole host of people behind me, believing in my artwork, working hard to make the event successful; the gallery owner, the gallery director, the interns and assistants in the gallery to name the obvious ones. ¬†When the opening reception (as it is for my October exhibit) is also a 3 course dinner with wine pairings – there is also the restaurant (Daily in the Pearl!), the chef, the winery (Hip Chicks Do Wine!) – all working hard too. ¬†And I didn’t mention the art supply stores in my beloved Pacific Northwest that provide materials for me to work with… or my spouse, friends, neighbors…. I’ve so many people to be grateful for that I’m not sure the Internet has enough bandwidth to hold my¬†entire list.

So let it suffice to say that while my name may be the most prominent in the PR materials being circulated currently – like this email flyer (below) that the Caplan Art Designs gallery sent out – as well as all the other stuff on Facebook and Twitter etc. This whole exhibit is really about¬†an overall aesthetic experience we’re creating together; my artwork is just the focal point. ¬†Still I have endeavored to use the time of my gallery owners, friends, supporters and strangers as respectfully as I know how… and now I’m riding¬†the PR train, doing my best to support¬†my supporters efforts, prepping¬†for the next stop; the night of the opening. And all the while remembering;¬†It’s not about me, it’s not about me, it’s not about me… choo chooo!!!!

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de wine inspiration

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As readers of my blog and facebook posts know I recently had an art exhibit opening at Burnt Bridge Cellars¬†a winery in Vancouver Washington. The wine inspired some new art… You see, during the opening party the sunlight streamed in through the large windows opposite the tasting room bar. In between talking with people I enjoyed watching the sunlight play on the wine as it poured from the bottle into the glasses. So over the next day or so I experimented with paper marbling techniques in an attempt to “catch” my memory of the light on pouring red wine. Eventually I had a pleasing-enough pattern design. Here is my pattern¬†– and here’s a photo of a scarf I made with it that I’ve titled “Red Wine Pouring”. You can get that scarf – or view my entire art-apparel collection here:

A pattern design by Sue Clancy inspired by red Wine being poured at Brunt Bridge Cellars.

A pattern design by Sue Clancy inspired by red Wine being poured at Brunt Bridge Cellars.

Scarf with a pattern design by Sue Clancy titled "Red Wine Pouring"

Scarf with a pattern design by Sue Clancy titled “Red Wine Pouring”

wine plus art again!

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This Friday July 1st at Burnt Bridge Cellars the winery will be pouring some of their SF International Wine Competition award winning wines! Wahoo! Congrats Burnt Bridge! Oh yes and 20 of my fine art pieces will be hanging on the wall! So after we each get a glass of wine we might look something like this:

First Luncheon Of The Ladies With Red Hats by Sue Clancy

First Luncheon Of The Ladies With Red Hats by Sue Clancy




fine art and fine wine

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Here are some photos of my fine art in the process of being exhibited at a winery, Burnt Bridge Cellars in Vancouver Wa, for a First Friday event, June 3 2016

At the winery I’ll have new artwork in an exhibit titled ‚ÄúEnjoying Time‚ÄĚ. The opening starts at 4pm Friday evening and includes music, food and wine and, of course, visual fine art.¬† (The exhibit will be available until the end of July – see the winery’s website for their hours)

I like having my artwork in winery’s – especially when there is good food prepared by a chef (like at the Burnt Bridge Cellars), and music – because my artwork in general is about taking time to enjoy small moments. So what better way to amplify my artistic thoughts than to exhibit my art in a way that can engage all of the senses?

Fortunately my art agents at Caplan Art Designs agree and aid and abet my efforts! (The gallery owner brought some of my artwork from the gallery and consulted about the display at the winery!)

Here is my “Enjoying Time” exhibit statement:

“After attending a symphony followed by a multi-course dinner and drinks with friends I began thinking about time; musical time, cooking time‚Ķ finding, taking and spending time on things that bring joy to life.¬† I thought about how our lives are entirely made up of time and it‚Äôs up to us to use our time well.¬† So I began to collect, from my daily life, my own ‚Äúenjoyable moments‚ÄĚ – and recreate them for you with some of my favorite animals.”

And here (finally!) are the promised photos –

Sue Clancy's fine art on exhibit above some very fine wines at Burnt Bridge Cellars

Sue Clancy’s fine art on exhibit above some very fine wines at Burnt Bridge Cellars

Sue Clancy's fine art in the process of being exhibited at Burnt Bridge Cellars

Sue Clancy’s fine art in the process of being exhibited at Burnt Bridge Cellars



wine and other wonders

art exhibit, art gallery, fine art

Once upon a time I got some how-to-be-a-successful-artist advice that said ‚Äúfollow your personal interests and use those for both your art-creation inspirations as well as where you look for art exhibit opportunities‚ÄĚ

As a reader of this blog you’re aware that I‚Äôm interested in (to name a few things) books, food and drink – I post a lot of my sketchbook pages that contain¬†my interests.¬†My finished artwork is¬†often inspired by books, food and drink. So it makes sense for me to exhibit my art in libraries, bookstores, restaurants or wineries. Here are a few pictures of my art hanging in a winery called¬†Burnt Bridge Cellars ‚Äď – and during the opening party there will be Italian food cooked on the premises! (the winery has a kitchen connected to it where they have cooking classes)

I also look for galleries and agents and clients that share my interests.  (For example my agent at Caplan Art Designs facilitated this winery exhibit) The above mentioned advice has been working very well for me for a number of years now.

SuesArtAtBBCcopy SuesArtAtBurntBridgecopy

wine art and other wonders

art exhibit, art gallery, fine art

I’ve been busy getting ready for another art exhibit.¬† This one is at a¬†winery! The opening party is¬†the evening of June 5th during¬†“First Friday” at Burnt Bridge Cellars in Vancouver Washington and Caplan Art Designs (my Portland Oregon area gallery) is facilitating things. I’m so excited! Did I mention that there will be really wonderful wine? There will be my artwork too – like this piece posted here. It is titled “Massive Mastiff Munching”¬†and it’s a pretty, ahem, large sized piece. It’s a one-person show so there will be lots of my work of varying sizes and all with my warped sense of humor.¬†¬†But¬†did I tell you about the fantastically fabulous wines that will be available¬†for tasting at the opening? Cheers dears! ¬†¬†¬†MassiveMastiffMunching72